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Jedmoon Impex Limited

Is a real estate company created to meet the real estate needs of clients and to provide quality, durable and affordable housing for all. We offer a one-stop approach to the planning, development and construction of remarkable residential housing. We are continually growing, expanding our portfolio, breaking into new markets, and increasing our reach in Nigeria. We are recognized for our quality workmanship, elegant design, open collaboration, and exceptional standards. 

Jedmoon Impex Limited was founded in 2007 by Edwin Jeffrey Agbim. The company was born out of his desire to solve the problem of inadequate affordable luxury residential housing. 

OUR VISION Is to make owning a quality and affordable home easy for all.  

OUR MISSION To create an urban environment with a diverse portfolio of quality affordable real estate development for investors and value for customers, whilst supporting our employees to realize their potentials.


Our luxurious houses are built with high quality materials from start to finish. Jedmoon Impex Limited develops long-term relationships with clients by emphasizing Class, luxury, and lifestyle.


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